Our Mission

All About Labs (AAL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to rescuing homeless Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes of all ages and placing them in loving, responsible homes. Our short-term goal is to rehabilitate the dogs we rescue, giving them the absolute best care so that they are healthy, happy, and well adjusted, and to then place them in great homes. Our long-term goal is to positive impact the problem of dog over-population by helping to reduce the number of unwanted dogs in the community. We hope to accomplish this by sterilizing each dog we rescue, and by working with legislators to improve local spay and neuter laws.

Every dog we rescue is evaluated by our dedicated veterinarians at Pinnacle Valley Animal Hospital, who sterilize, vaccinate, and screen or treat each dog at AAL for parasites, diseases, and injuries. Some AAL pups are fostered in experienced rescue homes while others are housed at our professionally staffed facility, Oden Creek Ranch. We work closely with our dogs before placement to observe them in a variety of settings. We make our very best effort to match dogs and families to create an excellent long-term match. We are devoted to placing dogs in forever homes, not temporary ones, because we want to be sure our dogs never have to be homeless again.

Pinnacle Valley Animal Hospital Staff
Pinnacle Valley Animal Hospital Staff

Although our primary focus is placing Labradors, AAL will not turn away a dog in need when space and funds allow. Don't be surprised to see the occasional Beagle, Shepherd, or Shar-pei on our website. We are just as committed to finding these dogs great homes as we are to our beloved Labs.

Our History

All About Labs was incorporated in 2005 by Gina Hartsell after working in New York City as a financial advisor. After a decade of working with various animal rescue organizations, Gina decided to create a new rescue group where the dogs would always come first, no compromises would be made on their care, and a professional staff would be dedicated to working closely with each dog.

In Gina's words, "At AAL, we don't require anything of the dogs other than just to be dogs. We teach them how to be dogs again, and we allow them to be dogs again. We rehabilitate them."

Over the years, AAL has placed over 750 dogs in happy, loving, responsible homes. The majority of our dogs have been placed in the Northeast United States.

Oden Creek Ranch

The ranch is a place where the dogs can romp and play, get plenty of food and exercise, and receive care, training, and affection. For many dogs who have experienced neglect or abuse, it represents the best care they have ever known. Located in Arkansas, the ranch gives us the room to care for more dogs while also bringing us into a location where there are statistically more strays.

Experienced, professional staff members work with the dogs on socialization, house training, crate training, and ensuring that the dogs are happy and healthy. We get to know each dog's personality and observe how they behave around children, dogs, and other animals, and what sort of household would be best for each dog.

Currently, AAL has a great group of adoptable dogs at the ranch. If you are interested in being part of one of our "happy tails," please see more about the adoption process.