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It has been a crazy few weeks here after the massive tornado that left Little Rock with unimaginable devastation. We are on the ground and need help with the following items.


We are buying six 10x10 kennels for people with dog houses and 10x10 pop up covers for people that are displaced so dogs can remain with people while recovery continues. We are also suppling food (cat & dog) blankets, towels, X-Large kennels for indoor, chews, treats etc. to people and local shelters. The need is great. We are also paying for some vet care when services are not donated. Our Urgent Care Clinic asked for crates, towels & blankets. They are donating time space & vital care for the injured.


We are going to be purchasing more for a growing list of people needing help. Any purchased supplies that are not used will be given to LRAV to help with their needs with the hundreds of displaced pets. 

We are doing all we can and if you would like to help you can donate through All About Labs. I will provide receipts and pictures.


As always a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the efforts. Our goal is is keep families and pets together and to reunite as many as possible. 


Thank you!


All About Labs

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